nice day today.... sunny (some moments atleast!) and happy people. and i actually think that math is REALLY good on mornings.... you still have the energy since breakfast and, well.... you can consentrate. if i think about it i´m almost sure there has been research results about that. yeah
my homework (math again....) are done and i am working on a photoalb. for my oma in HH.....WERE I AND MY VERY GOOD FRIEND ARE GOING IN SEEEPPPTTEEMMBBEERR yeeeeeeeeeey it´ll be soooo funny hunny!

love xxxxxxx

ph: by me

Postat av: Jul

Yeeeeeeeeeeah! so exited!, I just can´t hide it! I know, i know, i know but i´m so exited! <3<3

2010-08-19 @ 20:33:16

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